Sunday, October 4, 2009

Julie & Julia - Thanks to Snap Printing

I was recently invited to an advance screening of Julie & Julia by Snap Printing, on Friday, 2nd October, 2009.
I'd never heard of the movie, although I expected it to be a "chick flick" (because of the name), but decided to keep the date open, and take my wife (the ticket was a double pass).
I was rather impressed with the invitation, which was in the design of a large movie ticket, and was very personalized (well, they are a printing company after all).

I arrived at Parramatta Greater Union, and was escorted past all the queues, and told to make my way up two levels.
After entering the entrance to Cinema 1, which happened to be the G-Max cinema (a huge 25 metre screen, with larger seats), we were greeted by staff, who invited us to collect drinks and popcorn... I immediately noticed the Coke was real Coke, not the watered down variety normally provided by cinemas.

I had told my wife, to expect some sort of sales pitch either before, or after the screening, and we made our way to the seats, which all had cute little packets of "Snap" branded lollies.
Before the movie started, We were greeted by a staff member from Snap Printing, who gave away prizes such as: an iPod Nano, Double Movie Passes, etc.
After he had finished welcoming us, the feature began (what? No sales pitch? Maybe afterwards!)

We sat through what seemed (to me) to be an incredibly long movie, which I really was not interested in - as the movie was about cooking; I enjoy cooking, but not watching or hearing about it.
My wife seemed to be enjoying the movie, which she confirmed after the screening.
Happy wife, happy life.

After the screening, there was no staff in sight to be seen, which I was appreciative of, I really dislike sales pitches on 'free stuff'! (A sales pitch via e-mail afterwards is welcome though)

The only disappointment of the night, was finding a stale chip (a French fry) between mine and my wife's seat, I guess Greater Union staff missed that one!

Perhaps I'm too easily impressed, but I was very happy with the function provided by Snap Printing.

Thanks Snap!

P.S. Although I wasn't the biggest fan of the movie, perhaps it was the movie that finally pushed me over the line to start blogging, as I've been considering it for a while.

Trailer for Julie & Julia

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