Sunday, November 15, 2009

Android 2.0 becomes Open Source!

In a surprisingly quick move, The source code for the Eclair branch of Android (Android 2.0) has become available in the GIT repository today.
It comes considerably soon after Android 2.0 arrived on the Motorola Droid when it was recently released to market.

There are several pitfalls, including the fact that the only build configuration added so far, is optimised for the Android 2.0 SDK, rather than existing phones.
And as with the Android 1.6 source code, it expects a version of Java that is equal to 1.5 (not greater than), which leaves many developers with the requirement of modifying the file build/core/ to remove the Java checks before being able to build the Android 2.0 binaries.
We're just hoping that it manages to be much faster than the build that was released with the Android 2.0 Service Development Kit

Within hours of the release, We've already seen the code ported to the oldest Android handset of them all - The T-mobile G1

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