Sunday, November 8, 2009

The truth about the ikee iPhone "virus"

Many people have awoken to find themselves with a new wallpaper containing a picture of Rick Astley who has in recent years, become very popular on the internet in a bait and switch game, known as RickRolling. RickRolling is a game in which users all over the world provide each other with links to a video of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" during a general conversation, generally pretending as if the link was related to the current topic of conversation.

The wallpaper of Rick Astley that appears on the iPhone virus says "ikee is never going to give you up".

Right now, it's hitting many iPhones across Australia, and possibly the world, as every single second goes by.

What's the deal?
The virus, which has come to be known as the "ikee virus" has quickly spread, as can be seen on many websites and forums, and has quickly become one of Australia's most well known smart-phone virus'.
A quote from the author indicated that they were very surprised by the amount of users that are infected with the "ikee virus", (and I quote) "it[the ikee virus] wasn't meant ot[to] get this big".

As for users that are infected, there are two common denominator - They all have hacked iPhones (known to the hacking community as "JailBroken", and they all use an SSH Daemon, allowing users to connect to their phone's remotely, and attempt to login.
The problem doesn't lie within either the JailBreak, or the SSH Daemon, it is a combination of both AND leaving the default root password for the iPhone as alpine.

Over the next few days, I'll be doing an interview with ikee - The author of this virus, and i'll be providing full instructions on how to remove it - and obtaining the full source code for the virus.

Users that have already "JailBroken" their iPhones, should immediately change the root account password, even if they have not installed an SSH Daemon.

Note: This only affects jailbroken iPhones, not standard ones.

Above: The default background screen extracted from the ikee virus

Above: The iPhone lock screen after infected with the ikee virus

Submitted by thegolfcud40 of

Above: The iPhone call screen after infected with the ikee virus

Submitted by Batman of


  1. For a fix see:

  2. Very well written. Quite glad he didn't go to the full extent of his inital idea, many lawsuits may have followed!

  3. that is quite hilarious though.

  4. Continued in my next blog entry: Interview with ikee - iPhone Virus Creator - Virus removal details enclosed
    Including removal instructions and source code.

  5. The worm already spread in Malaysia! (telco: Celcom). At first I ignored the wallpaper, thinking maybe my iPod's album cover. After restart the phone, I'm start suspecting something is wrong when the wallpaper remain the same and the SSH is gone. Really funny and a bit scary. Haha!

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